What’s New Wednesday 9/3/14 (Fire Mountain Gems Feature, Last Days of Give-A-Way and NEW Listings)

It is Wednesday!! I posted yesterday as Monday, but it wasn’t….I think! THIS is the only thing I hate about holidays being on Monday, it throws off my whole week….it is Wednesday, right??  
No matter what day it is I am still doing the ‘happy dance’! Why?  Well, I’m featured!  Yesterday I was beading a way when this message ‘popped’ up on my computer –
At first I didn’t understand, but then…..I checked my emails!! And here is what I found – Isn’t this COOL????? I am so excited!!  And if you follow the link (click on the clip art) you will get to see the story about my Reaching Tranquility Miniature Dressing Screen  and the ‘happy dance’ started!!  Do you know how many people see this news letter each day??? (I don’t, but it is a LOT) 😉
You know that I am having a sale, right???  YEP, until the end of the week, so NOW is the time to buy!!  Want to know what the sale it??  You’ll have to click to go see!! 😉
I worked on this new bracelet yesterday….but no one guessed what it was…want to guess?  Want to follow me along? Come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
I have 2 new listings today!!  PURPLE earrings….aren’t they wonderful?  And also a wonderful Teal and Black set that is just perfect for any season!! Click on the photos to go see the actual listings….remember, everything (including new listings) are on sale right now!! 
This give-a-way is coming to an end soon, so please enter…the book is wonderful!  If you weren’t sure about the story before, here is a great into…..but I am telling you, you’ll love it!! 

The History Mystery Behind The Story Keeper

Who were the Melungeons of Appalachia?

Click here to watch The Story Keeper mini-movie trailer 
Click to watch The Story Keeper mini-movie trailer

The Story Keeper is a tale of two women living over one hundred years apart, yet connected by a mystery. The story shares ties with The Prayer Box through a long-held mystery involving the mountains of North Carolina and the Outer Banks. You’ll also see a very different form of prayer box in the story. In 2015, a third novel will wrap up the series.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let me share a bit of the mystery that inspired The Story Keeper

Long ago, the first British explorers to push into the Appalachians reported the strange discovery of “blue-eyed, reddish-brown complexioned,” people. The explorers were baffled by what they referred to as “blue-eyed Indians,” who spoke a language neither the explorers nor their Native American guides recognized. In future years, this group, known as Melungeons, would suffer the stigma of prejudice, myth, and unflattering mountain lore.

Who were these reclusive people? To this day, no one knows for sure.

After reading about them late into the night, I fell asleep and  literally dreamed a story. I saw the tale of a busy New York editor who finds an old manuscript She’s captivated by the story of Sarra, a young Melungeon girl being sold off in a card game in turn-of-the-century Appalachia. The search for the manuscript’s author takes the editor on a journey to the heart of The Blue Ridge… and into the secrets of the past. 

I’ve never “dreamed” a story before, so writing The Story Keeper was a uniquely wonderful experience. It literally fascinated me.  If you’ve never heard of the Melungeons (or even if you have), take a minute to Google the word. I think you’ll be as caught up in the history as I was!


And now, enter while you can!!!
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Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
If you don not start, you won’t arrive!
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