Wicked Wednesday

It is Wicked Wednesday again, where is the week going??  I have been getting everything and everyone ready for school to start and doing all the ‘last minute’ things.  We have a full week of activities to keep the kids busy and tired!!!  What a way to end the summer!!!

As you know I am in a constant battle to keep my house clean.  Somehow I just never have enough time or hands to do everything I want to!!  Often my house is FULL of dust bunnies and with the help of Ms. Barbara and PitBullLadyDesigns I may just come to love my Dust Bunnies!!!  This one is hand felted and looks almost tooooo cute to send to the vacuum!! 

Please visit her studio and see all the wonderful OTHER things that she does with felt!  Don’t forget to mark her studio for your MARKET, LIKE her and look through all her creations!!

Enjoy your Wicked Wednesday and remember to NOT let the Dust Bunnies get you!!!  ~KM
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