Wicked Wednesday

WICKED WEDNESDAY…oh ya!!!   Today is going to be a truly WICKED day!!!  I have (for the first time in several weeks) some time COMPLETELY alone in the house!! Between Hubby’s vacation, summer break and events at the house, I haven’t been in a quiet house for some time.  I am not sure if I want to BEAD, CLEAN or just READ!!  I think I’ll bead!! What a shocker, hu?

But before I do, I want to show off a wonderful artist that I have found on ArtFire….CreativeCritters ….This wonderful lady has talents in several mediums and simply loves to make her art!  After reading her bio I have discovered not only does she LOVE every item she makes, but she also get inspiration from all around her life!  Please check out these great works of art!  Make sure you LIKE her studio and mark it for your MARKET so you can find her again easily.  

Enjoy your Wicked Wednesday and make sure you find time to be – just a little wicked today!  ~KM
ALSO, I have received my wonderful ACEO’s from 
Katerina Art, my feature from last weeks Wicked Wednesday…..WONDERFUL!!!  I now have another ARTIST to collect ACEO’s from!!  Here is the one I bought, a bonus ACEO (for the feature) and the back of 
her business card….I’ll be back soon!!!
I just love the detail in her work!!
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  1. Doris Sturm

    What lovely and beautiful artists you have featured today – makes me feel so insignificant.

    I hope you’re having a good week so far 😉