Wicked Wednesday

Amazing, it is Wednesday again!!  I am not sure if you all saw it or not, but I was VERY busy in my studio’s yesterday.  I listed about 15 items in my DESTASH studio and about 6 items in my Beading Studio (in the clearance section).  I have more to list today…hopefully in both studios.  My goal….list 5-10 new items in each shop each day.  The DESTASH items are pretty simple, but my beaded creations (I found LOTS that wasn’t listed when I was doing the show prep) are a little bit more involved. 

Also many of you have been following ApronsbyMeMe (Kris) and I on our #LINKLOVE Diet – Support Team Blog and for those of you that are following, thank you!  Kris has been doing very well, loosing several pounds each week.  For me, I have actually gained weight.  I started off by loosing 6 pounds the first week, but then I lost all will power.  As of today I am starting my Weight Watchers Tracking again.  I MUST loose weight.  If there was something, anything, that has shown me my true self it was the photos that we took at the show.  While I was editing them I really looked at myself and I DID NOT LIKE WHAT I SAW!  Then I did a little thinking back.  When my hubby returned 2 years ago from IRAQ I was in a size 14.  I am now in a size 24!  OH MY GOOODNESS!!!  How did I let myself go this much.  So, as of today, I am starting over and I hope that all of you either join me or simply encourage me – to do my BEST.  Please go visit the blog we (KRIS and I) started and read along with our milestones, encourage us when we need it and get your own encouragement from us when you need it….it is for all of us in our own way!

Now on to the HAPPIER part of Wicked Wednesday!  I have to start off with a collection I created last night.  I just love Humming Birds, so this one was harder to figure out which ones to put in…..please go check it out, leave a comment and 5 STARS if you can!
Jewelry Supplies

Now on to the next item….I am in a challenge designed by madeformebyoaklie to find out who has the most liked studio….. the voting is down the page to the left…..this one is hard because there are some REALLY GREAT studio’s in this challenge with me.  PLEASE truly vote for the one you like the best…..and not just me because I sent you there…thank you! 

Now, as many of you have so patiently waited, our featured artist… or artist”S”!!  I wanted to feature WIZARDS today, so above each photo will be a link to each studio…enjoy!!

I hope you enjoyed my WIZARD collection…please make sure you visit each studio and let them know where you heard about them!!  ENJOY your WICKED WEDNESDAY and do something – just a little – wicked today!  ~KM
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5 Responses

  1. Enchanted Beads

    Congrats! you are on the lead for “Great Finds”!
    I will tell you a secret: For this week I am the “sponsor”, it means I got to choose the 18 participants for the competition and as you may have noticed all of them are from Artfire. I am doing my best to support the Artfire artists!
    Let’s do something similar in our Artfire Guild!

    Good luck,

  2. Thanks for including my wand 🙂 I personally really liked the staff that you featured as well – never fails to amaze what people can do!

  3. Michelle of CreativeCritters

    Thank you so much for featuring my wizard sculpture among all these wonderful pieces. I’m truly honored to be included with such talent! 🙂
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  4. Anonymous

    Oh WOW!!!!!
    You are the best!!!!!
    Thank you so much for including my Wizards. This really made my day, week – YEAR….

  5. M.Y. Creative Rose Garden

    Oh WOW!!!!!
    You are the best!!!!!
    Thank you so much for including my Wizards. This really made my day, week – YEAR….

    (Sorry for double comment but last time it has me as “Anonymous”….