Wicked Wednesday

What a way to start of WICKED WEDNESDAY…how about with another ArtFire collection that I am in??  
I can’t believe my good fortune to be included in all these wonderful collections….. This one was designed by Made For Me by Oaklie.  She is so selfishly promoting many of your #LINKLOVE’rs and I know that we are all grateful.  Her fan page is: Made-for-Me-by-Oaklie, however she also maintains this event page for ArtFire artist:  On Fire for Handmade Weekly Artfire Collection and this event page for Etsy artists: On Fire for Handmade Weekly Treasury  
And, somewhere in there she also finds time to make some wonderful artistic fiber creations herself!!  I thought I was driven!!! Please support all of her work by becoming a fan of all her sites, commenting on all her collections/treasuries and looking over her wonderful shop.  Under this collection is another one of my favorites in her shop….check it out too!!.  
Thank you so very much Ms. Anne for all your hard work and dedication!! 

This WICKED WEDNESDAY featured artist is swiekysiggies.  A single mom of 4 children who is very dedicated to her digital art. I must love this layout….please visit her studio and let her know what you think…..I am sure you’ll love some/most/all of her work!!

Enjoy your WICKED Wednesday – 
I hope to be able to bead and list more things today – 
and to be 
just a little bit WICKED!! 

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  1. Doris Sturm

    Hello Krafty 🙂

    What wonderful artists you are featuring today and I’m so happy for you. Congratulations for being featured in that lovely Artfire collage of wonderful crations! You do make beautiful things and I’m not surprised! I showed my neighbor the earrings you gave me and she was enchanted…can’t wait for Christmas to show off the festive sparklies 😉

    Love to you and yours!
    Doris and Gizzy