Wicked Wednesday

The closer it is to fall and Halloween the more excited I get.  I love when the weather changes and the humidity comes out of the air here in Florida.  This morning I woke up and discovered it was actually cooler outside than inside – first time in about 7 months!!!  We kind of missed spring this year – going from winter, cool to summer, hot almost overnight!  But this morning……wonderful!!!

I have found a great little ‘WICKED WITCH’ to show off today.  Mr. Jeff from Paper Piecing Designs  makes some of the most unique scrap booking items I have seen.  He and his two teen daughters all scrap together and I am sure that is a memory in itself.  Please check out his studio and make sure you MARK it for the future and let him know where you found out about him!  

Enjoy your WICKED Wednesday and remember, do something WICKED today, but legal!!  lol  ~KM
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