Wicked Wednesday

And here it is Wicked Wednesday again.  Each day I find myself a little bit amazed at how fast the year has gone and I (looking back) seem to remark on it almost daily!  I am not sure why, for some reason this year just seems to have ‘blown’ by.  Maybe it is because it is my 40th year, maybe because I have TWO school age children now, or maybe it is just that time really is moving faster……who knows.  

Walking around the stores over the past week or so I have noticed that not only is Halloween and Thanksgiving ‘things’ out, but Christmas as well!  This just seems to remind me even more how fast life is going and how far I am behind!!!  

Looking through all of the wonderfully WICKED handmade crafts on ArtFire this morning I had a really hard time finding ‘just the right one’ for you all to look at.  ThePigAndThePeacock have some of the most unique hand made soaps I have seen.  Included in that are these wonderfully WICKED ‘GLOW IN THE DARK’ ghosts.  I can just see my little Monster wanted to turn the lights out in his bath to see these GLOW!!!  

Please make sure you stop over and check out this wonderful studio (ThePigAndThePeacock) and remember to Mark them for the future and to let them know where you hear about them.
They are also have a Fan Page (PigAndPeacock) and a Blog (thepigandthepeacock).

On a very personal note, please go check out my dear friend Marsha Knox from pandulaartscreations and read the wonderful article she has about how she got started in her ‘weaving’ adventure.  

Please have a wonderful Wicked Wednesday and remember to do just a ‘little’ something wicked today……..maybe??  ~KM
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