Wicked Wednesday / Taken Thursday

Well, somehow I missed my post yesterday…..sorry all!!  I have so much I have to do to get ready for our upcoming shows.  We still have about 10 days before the first one, but then it is busy every weekend until after Christmas!!!  Amazing how this time of the year books up so very fast!!!  I have been getting all my errands, housework and everyday things done first thing in the morning and then beading the rest of the day!  It is amazing how I bead and bead, yet there is always more to do….wow, that sounds like house cleaning!!!  UCK!!

So, since I missed yesterdays Wicked Wednesday I’ll be featuring TWO artist!!!
First up is motherlodetoad.  She has a long line of artisans in her family….and it shows! with this SOOOO VERRRRY cute little Mouse!!  If you can’t read the sign, it says, “Come to the Dark Side – we have cookies”.  How WONDERFUL!!!  I just love many of her little creatures in her studio. 

Now for the 2nd featured artist…. SleepyHollowFolkArt.  I can’t believe how TAKEN I am with this little house.  I could see the little ‘creature’ that would find this a wonderful home, can’t you?  She loves to make things that look ‘loved and lived in’.

So, it is back to the ‘working board’ today!  I just love to bead, so it really isn’t work, but I guess I’ll do the dishes before I disappear into the Swarovski Crystal world!!!  
Please have a GREAT day and remember….the holidays are on the way….you’d better start getting ready!! ~KM 
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3 Responses

  1. Malissa

    Thanks for the sweet feature! Your blog is great!

  2. Melissajanh

    Thanks for featuring these. Such cute little things in both shops! I have been working with some beads today in my crochet…love it! : )

  3. Doris Sturm

    I love this, especially the soft sculptures…very enchanting. Lovely work!