WIP Crimson & Ivory, Hot Pink Rose of Spring, & May’s Available kits!!

Hi and Good Morning to you all-it’s another beautiful day of lots of inspiration going on!! I hope that your day is full of Sunshine, Beauty, & Inspiration!! Today I will be working on my Crimson & Ivory Necklace…going to re-visit Hot Pink Rose of Spring Set with you…and telling you all about my kits, all the while having an enjoyable day beading…hope your day is that full too!!

Let’s get started shall we?!? First, why don’t we check out where I am at with the Crimson & Ivory Necklace…It is coming along magnificently. Yesterday I finished doing the rope, so that means today I will start a pair of simple, but cute earrings to go along with the necklace. Then I just have to put all the findings on and get everything situated for the final photo shoot-maybe today or tomorrow….and it will be up for the new listing 🙂 REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Crimson & Ivory Necklace Set Update 🙂

Now, Let’s re-visit one of my many Beauties I have listed in my store…this one- Hot Pink Rose of Spring Beadwoven Wearable Art Set, is truly amazing and a sight to see!! It is a special type of gemstone called Drusy-which is a form of Geode- is just beautiful!! The hot/bright pink color is so wonderful and when you have the crystals that are already inside…Oh my!!!! This is one of those Necklace sets that you will be able to wear out to a party and ‘draw all the attention’!! This set is finished off with all Sterling silver findings and completing the entire look making it a set to cherish 🙂 If you would like to know more just give a click on the link!

Next, we will move on to the kits I have available this month 🙂 I have 2 different type of kits- 1) The Monthly Peyote Bracelet in a Box kit, which, for this month is a re-visit of all the past kits from January ’19 up until May ’19. Then 2) The Monthly Beadwoven 5×7 Art in a Bag kit. Both Kits will come with everything needed to make each one!! I will tell you more about each one separately below 😉

Many of you have been asking about past patterns being available for the Monthly Peyote Bracelet in a Box kit…up until now, they have not been, but for the month of June, I will be doing a revisit of all the kits that have been offered from January all the way up to May. What that means, is, that you will be able to have one more chance to grab up those patterns if you missed them or would like to be able to do another one!! This will start to go on sale from May 11th until June 10th and after that, these patterns will no longer be available. So mark your calendars and get ready to grab the one you missed!! Remember you will get everything except the thread and bead mat to complete these kits!! These Kits are going to be in my shop from now until June 10th!! When ordering your kit- please be sure to write in the Letter of which kit you would like to get in the notes section!!

It’s finally here!! It is time for the Art in a Bag Kit for May!! For this month we have the kit with a beautiful pattern of Stained Glass Lily’s for you all to create and mount on a canvas!! This kit will include all the delica beads needed to create this pattern, the WORD chart of the pattern, and a Canvas in which to mount it, when you are done!! This kit will be available in my shop until May 23rd and will ship out on May 30th…So make sure you come and grab it while you can…this pattern will only be available for this kit and will not be able to be purchased separately!! If you want to know more about this wonderful kit, just click on the link 🙂

A Full Day for sure!! And more to come soon 😉 I am off for now, to enjoy this beautiful day, beading away….I hope you all enjoy and find/do something you all love to do, inspiring anyone you can…you never know what that could mean or do for some one else’s day!! A quote to think about for today:

“Life is not something that “has” meaning-it’s something we give meaning to. You don’t “end up” with a meaningful life, you create it.” -EVERYDAYPOWER

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