WIP of Sample Art, Ms. Mahogany Jane, Patterns, & Available Kits!!

Good Morning!! How are we all doing today? I am excited about working on the sample for the Monthly Art in a Bag Kit…so that is my WIP for right now 🙂 I also have a new listing today!!… Ms. Mahogany Jane…to share with you all!! Today in another day of sharing a pattern that I have available in my shop and the NEW available kit I have as well!! SO… Let’s get this day going….

Did anyone catch the final working pics of the Brown/Mahogany creation?!?! Well…I was able to get the findings on and do the final photoshoot last night and so today it has become the new listing of ‘Ms. Mahogany Jane Beadwoven Wearable Art Necklace.’ I started this creation with only the deep colored Mahogany Agate slice and then I matched gold colors with other shades of browns/mahoganies to create this wonderful and sumptuous Necklace that will compliment any and all occasions & seasons!! Without any further ado…here she is!!!

If you would like to know more about Ms. Mahogany Jane…just click on the image!!

Next, I would like to share with you more on the WIP of the Sample of the Monthly Art in a Bag Kit(a 5×7 Art)!! Last night I was able to work on this a little bit more and so today, I am starting off on row 35…I know doing 5 rows at a time seems like I am going slow…but…just look at that bead count!! Look at those rich colors already showing through and can already see the start of the ears…REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Sample of Art in a Bag Kit!!

Next, how about I show you some of the patterns that I have in my shop! Some of you might already know that I have already made patterns in my shop for purchase, some of you might not…so I thought that it is a great opportunity through my blog, to share with you on occasion, the ones that I have already available!! These patterns are already created for you to follow along, whether it is single or double…you would receive the word chart with the suggested color delicas- that does not mean you have to use these colors…you may change them to what ever you would like 🙂 I know some of you have bought my patterns already, and some are there because some of you asked me to create them for you, but gave me permission to keep in my shop and share with others! Some of you already may know too, that if I don’t have a pattern here in my shop that you would like to do, that I can create one for you…so remember to just ask or send me a message if you need something special!!

Today, one of the Patterns I want to share with you all is called “4 Panel Tree Wall Art”. With this Pattern, you will be given a colored chart and a word chart. The Delica colors that I have listed on the pattern are the colors that I have used in completing the design…they are there for reference but may be substituted if need be. This pattern is roughly the size of 9.4 inches by 17 inches and is 2Drop peyote 🙂 Here it is…

Would you like to try to make this pattern? Click on the image to find out how!!

Now, let’s move on to the kits that I have available in my shop as of right now! As of right now, I have One type of kit available in my shop!! I have the new pattern for the Monthly Art in a Bag Kit (5×7) which is up now until July 23rd!! Keep an eye out…there will be another kit available soon!!

Let me tell you a little bit about this Month’s Monthly Art in a Bag Kit!! This kit is to make a 5×7 art work that when it is completed may be mounted to a canvas(with a clear crafting glue i.e. E6000) to hang up or framed or however you would like to finish it!! The kit I have for you all this month is an Umber Owl Pattern that will come with ALL the DELICA beads needed to complete the Art, the printed WORD pattern, and a Canvas to mount it to if you would like to! This pattern is exclusive only to the monthly art in a bag kit and will not be sold as an individual pattern. This particular pattern will be available UNTIL THE 23rd of July…so come and get yours now while it is available!! These kits will be mailed out by 8/1/19

Want to grab one up?…Click on the image to do so!!

That about wraps it up for today!! I hope that your day is full of INSPIRATION and that you surround yourself with all the people that INSPIRE you!! I know I do!! Be on the look out for new and up-coming things happening…Already starting to work on designs for the August kits as well as a few other things up my sleeve 😉 For now, I will leave you with this:

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