Wonderful Wednesday

Yes, even with all the ‘rushing and craziness’ it is a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!  I am off to help my daughter with her hair – it is picture day already!  Then it is off on my morning run to school.  TODAY I will be back at the house and WORKING!  I went in yesterday to meet everyone and ended up staying and helping at Aye’s school.  I didn’t mind, it was a great way to help out and get to know the other PTSA volunteers, but it put me behind – again!  I think I just like being behind?!?!  I seem to always have LOTS to do and NEVER have the time to do it all!  Oh, what a life I have – it is WONDERFUL!!!
And as promised, here is my new listing in my ArtFire Studio today – Some Sparkles, Some Purple Chalcedony and a Few Little Beads Necklace – I know I always say this, but I just LOVE this one!  
I think I’ll do a RED one next – what do you think??
Today’s featured artist is CanterburyVinesStudios.  This talented artist has done it all, painting, floral arranging and beautiful jewelry.  An IT Manager by day she crafts and creates everything with a beauty and passion that started over a ‘lifetime’ ago!  Please go visit this wonderful studio and remember to let her now where you heard about her!
I am sorry, no HOPS again today.  I have been so busy that I do not have time to work them.  This means that I don’t want to commit to them!
Today I would like for everyone to look at their phone cover and think – what does this say about me?  Am I fun? Flashy? Solid?  What would you like it to say?  Remember, you are seen by what you see in yourself!  ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. Michele of By Your Side

    HEY KM!!
    Been way busy here too and Kate hasn’t even started school yet… Tuesday is the first day of high school!
    LOVE the new necklace and I think a red one would be gorgeous!!
    I don’t have a phone cover… wonder what that means?? LOL

  2. Krafty Max Originals

    @Michele of By Your Side

    High School, oh boy, I am glad I have a couple of years, I am not ready for THAT GREY HAIR YET!! The phone covers are like shells that go over the phone, They are decorative and also help if you drop the phone! Best of luck to you! Thanks for stop’n by! ~KM