Wonderful Wednesday 10/10/12

Today I am running WAY behind!!  I am usually very ‘on-time’ and this is just driving me crazy!!  I woke up late (which NEVER happens) and then when I realized there was a LOT of FOG outside I tried to get the kids to leave early…….ya, right!  Why is it that the harder you try to get things going fast the slower you go?  Finally got everyone off and to school, now I can actually catch up with things I usually have done HOURS ago!!
I was able to list this new set yesterday, it is very unique, but I LIKE it!!  What do you think??

Falling Leaves of Carnelian and Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set

Yesterday I was able to get a few rows ‘around’ done on my new beadwoven necklace…. remember, you can watch it develop on on my Fan Page or Google+ page.  But,. here is where I left off yesterday…..
Today my featured artist is: ScaredyCatPrimitives.  I just love this sign, it can speak to ALL of us!  After reading her BIO page it seems like this talented artist is on the right track!  I can’t believe how many ________ she has – Jinx, Bela, Saki, Mio, Ellie and Simon – sorry, you’ll have to go find out what they are for yourselves!!!  But with creations like this I can see that the ‘dreams of her future’ are BRIGHT!  Remember to always support handmade artist… we do it because we love it!!
Primitive Wood Sign- Heal The Past, Live The Present, Dream The Future
 Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Everyone loves praise.  Look hard for ways to give it to them. Often.
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