Wonderful Wednesday

Oh my, what a day!!  
The day started with errands, more errands and then while we were out doing those, more errands!!  One of my best friends came down from Georgia to spend time with us before school starts, so we now have 10 people in my little house, instead of the normal 4!!!  I LOVE IT! It is so wonderful to have her and her family visit us!  Two of the little girls are having birthday’s while they are here, so we planned a little family and friends party at 4 pm yesterday!  Everyone went to the pool to cool off while I started cooking for the party and boy, was the house quiet….. tooooo quiet!  A phone call to tell me that Monster had broken his chin open changed all that!!  
A rush to Solantic.  Internal and external stitches later and we were back home by 430pm.  Remember now, that gathering was supposed to start at 4pm!!  Solantic  did a great job with him.  The doctor was wonderful and other than his stress over her using a needle everything went smoothly!
 After quick rush to get the rest of the food together and some quick BBQing, we had a birthday party!!!
boy, what a day!
I actually got to take photos and list something in my ArtFire Studio even!!  I was the ultimate ‘multi-tasker’ yesterday!!  So here is the one you voted for – the Fall Buttons – Fall is in Season – Beadwoven Button Bracelet. 
Please, don’t forget
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Today I would like to feature ToleTreasures.  This wonderful painter is self taught and makes some great creations.  This little scarecrow just makes me smile!  I love the expression on his face and his ‘floppy’ hat.  Please go visit this wonderful studio and remember to tell them where you heard about them!!
No hops today!!  Sorry, I have to still catch up with yesterday’s!  I also hope to go out with my hubby tonight for  dinner for our anniversary!  Let’s hope! 
Today, remember that it takes more than ‘stitches’ to bring together a cut!  ~KM
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3 Responses

  1. Katerina Koukiotis

    Dear marci i’m so sorry for your little boy’s accident, wishing him a speedy recovery!!

  2. Caren's Jewelry Box

    poor monster!!! I will see him soon!

  3. The Owl Nest


    Poor Monster … and poor you 🙁

    Glad everything worked out.