Wonderful Wednesday

So, who guessed?  
Did anyone?  
Did anyone know who this lady is? 
Well, your wait is over!!
Her name is
She is an INSPIRATIONAL and HEARTWARMING writer who I have had the pleasure of interviewing. 
How did it all happen?  Quite by accident!  One day about 8 months ago I was browsing the ‘discounted’ books section of a major book store and ran across this book called – Beyond Summer.  I figured if I liked it I could come back and get a few more by this author……well, I was hooked!  I have now read almost all of her 16 currently released books – and am waiting for the release of her newest, Dandelion Summer!  
What happened as just a chance pick up of a  book to ‘fill my time’ has turned into a real love of her writting.  Ms. Wingate’s books are FULL of life!  They bring in two characters and you get to follow the story along with each of them telling their alternating views of what is happening!  I have never read a book written this way before, but I am now a believer!  Ms. Wingate puts you right in the moment and really knows how to ‘paint a picture’ with her words.  
I contacted Ms. Wingate a few weeks ago and we quickly discovered that we had many things in common.  She agreed to do an interview with me and her we are! 
Over the next two weeks I will be posting the interview with Ms. Wingate during my Wonderful Wednesday posts.  Then there will be a give-a-way of one of her books!  So stick around and find out why she writes, where she writes and lots more about her!
Check out this beautiful collection that I am in!
For any of you that don’t know it, I have a DESTASH studio, as well as, a regular studio.  My DESTASH studio is full of cross stitch, plastic canvas, knitting and crocheting magazines and books, beads and beading supplies.  Please come on over and visit.  I have MANY more books and magazines to list – I try to list a few every day! 
For today I would like you to remember that life is all around us, just open your heart and you’ll see it!  ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. beautifulswagstore

    OMG its awesome that you got to interview an author

  2. Lisa Wingate

    Thanks so much for having me on your blog! I’m thrilled, as I love crafts, crafty things, and have an absolutely crazy addiction to natural stone beads. It’s an honor to know that you’ve been reading the books. Those little adventures of the mind wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without special people to share them. Thanks for giving my imaginary friends somewhere to hang out ;o)