Wonderful Wednesday

Today I would like to introduce

~~~  Cia  ~~~ 

She and I found each other on my Fan Page and I have to say, it has been a great experiance to work with her.  As most of you, who have been following me for a while now, know I have recently re-done my blog.  It is only because of Cia.  She showed me some of her previous work, including her own blogs – Angels, Art, and Attitude and Briarwood Miniatures.   I fell in love with the look and simplicity of her designs.  

So, off we went.  I didn’t give her much to work with and I was really not sure what I wanted!  She asked me question after question and slowly figured out what I really wanted.  Then she sent me several designs to choose from.  Of them I choose the one you are looking at and off we went.  With me making and ‘breaking’ things faster than she could get them ready we finally got everything changed over to the new design.  I am still adding little features and asking her my now famous ‘quick questions’ that are 1/2 of a page long, but she has been so wonderful to put up with me!!

And the outcome?  

Well, you can just see for yourself!  

I LOVE it! 

I love my dragonflies, the colors, the layout….. 


So how did Cia get started?  Here is a little bio about her that you might find interesting!

Cia is a children’s writer, a web designer (specializing in small, affordable sites for other creative people), an artist, and a miniature maker. As she often says, she just likes creating things! (Those of you who have small children or grandchildren can check out her short story in the June issue of Highlights for Children called “Serafina Says So!”)

When Cia and her sister were casting around for ideas for a project to engage their Dad (he had moderate Alzheimer’s at the time), someone mentioned a dollhouse…and they were off and running. During the process of building Dad’s house, she discovered she loves making miniatures. That, in turn, lead to a renewed interest in art. As Cia says, “It’s become a passion. It’s my therapy, my stress reliever, and my joy, all wrapped up in one.” Cia makes one of a kind mixed media art, and sells her original art and prints.

Cia has over ten years experience in marketing/PR and web site design. She specializes in sites for small businesses and artists/artisans.

And as for her art…… well, here are some of my favorites!

 Reading in honor of my kids!!

 Well, a dragonfly fairy of course!! 

And this one, just because I can sooooo relate!!

 I just love this ‘little’ book!

 And this little house – OH MY!!

So, as you can see, I love her work!  Please, check out all her site below and remember her when you need anything done to your blog.  Her prices are very reasonable, so anyone should be able to afford a ‘MAKE OVER’ for your blog or site.  

Remember That when you are ‘out there’ in the web you never know what/when something special might come your way.  Just like in life, please don’t let those special moments pass you by without trying to grab them!  ~KM
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  1. Queen J.

    I LOVE the colors! Everything looks great! My blog just recently got a make- over. I designed it myself!

    Visit my castle- http://www.magictiara.blogspot.com