Wonderful Wednesday 2/8/12

So yesterday I think that I actually got caught up. 
I know that I didn’t get any help from our dog, Ziggy…
My daughter took these photos.  They were after I folded and put UP the blankets that we use on the couch.  I guess he wasn’t too happy that we took away his ‘spot’!!
I was able to finish my entry to the CreationsColorChallengeGroup.  The colors this time were GREEN and PURPLE.  I have done several things in these colors, but not recently.  So, here it is, what do you think?
Today’s featured artist is SilkScarves.  These wonderful scarves have been hand painted and are ‘things of beauty’.  I am so amazed at the detail and vibrant colors in each creation.  This Russian born artist even has her son’s help and support in the marketing and ‘day to day’ of her studio – this way she can have more time to create!  You really have to come look at all the beautiful colors and styles.  Remember to check out ALL of the links below.
A thought for today, here is a good one….
Haste is the mother of imperfection.
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2 Responses

  1. Doris Sturm

    Your dog, Ziggy, is adorable and I love his name. You continue to amaze me with your beautiful jewelry, Marci. Nice work! Tell your children hello and pet Ziggy for me 😉 and have a wonderful day!

  2. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    Look at that little furry lovable face!!! Oh man, I just want to reach in and give it kisses all over xD xD xD

    Can you tell I’m a sucker for anything furry and for legged!? Hehe ^.^

    Glad to hear that you’re catching up with life!