Wonderful Wednesday

What a wonderful day we had yesterday.  As you all know Aye and Monster are on spring break.  This is about the worst time for our area to get a weather front to come through, but of course, it has!!  It has rained off and on over the last few days and looks like it will rain most of today and tomorrow as well!  Because of that all the playgrounds and outdoor activities have had to be put on hold!  SO, yesterday we played Monopoly.  YEP!  But not just any Monopoly, a vintage Star Wars version!  ApronsbyMeMe‘s son was getting rid of some things from his childhood a couple of weekends ago and I rescued the game, some vintage figures and LOTS of Micro Machines for Monster.  I figured I would ‘slowing’ over the next 6 months or so give him little bits of it!  After about 6 hours of playing Monster wiped both me and Aye out of the game.  I have NEVER seen anyone who is so lucky!!  This little boy got every ‘collect’ card and hit ALL THE RIGHT places!!  Check out who has all the money!! (Monster’s seat is on the left, Aye is farthest away from the camera).  Then it was movie night with grandma – TANGLED!!!  What a great movie!!

And here is a bridal set that I have started working on – it will take a while – with all this MOMMY time I am spending – no complaints though!!

So, as busy as we have been it has been fun.  Today I would remind you all to watch your children smile, there is NOTHING that can make the sun shine more!  ~KM
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  1. Stephanie

    Our spring break is next week – I’m a little nervous! Going to rent Tangled for sure!

    Thanks for stopping by my site – now following back (sorry it took a couple of days)

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