Wonderful Wednesday!

Yesterday I spent the day taking photos of my DESTASH.  I only listed 8 items, however, I have many, many more for you to oogle over and buy!  And I have more photos to do today!!  As my dear friend, Kris from ApronsbyMeMe has been telling me, I have to clean up my studio!  That means that some of the beads that were handed down to me by my mom and grandma have to go.  I have SOOOOO many beads!!  

Yesterday was one of those sunny days that Florida is famous for.  I sat for a little while in the sun and rested – well, took a nap – it felt soooo good!  I still have planting to do and LOTS of outside work that I would like to get to this week.  LIFE IS GOOD!

I thought I would share the wonderful work of NatureVisions today.  Not only do Nancy and Erica take some beautiful photos, they also make some of the most beautiful sculptures and pieces of art you have ever seen.  There is also a whimsical side to them too!  Please come check out this Mother and Daughter team and see what ‘beauties’ they have today! 

Today is the day the sun shines – even if it is inside your own head – turn your eyes to the sky and feel the warmth today!  ~KM
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5 Responses

  1. Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

    They do have beautiful photography — I thought ohhh what gorgeous flowers, and then I saw the widelife… Amazing!

    Thanks for sharing and
    Have yourself a wonderful day!

  2. Krafty Max Originals

    Thank you, and you too!! ~KM

  3. Erica Lea

    Thank you so much for featuring us, and for your kind words:-) It’s an honor, and I love your bright, beautiful blog, too!

  4. Gifts By Katherine

    Please accept my gratitude for being a follower of Katherine’s Gifts. I recently merged my blog and my website and I invite you to join me at Gifts By Katherine.com I would be honored to have you there too. Hugs! Katherine

  5. Krafty Max Originals

    Thank you all! I’ll be over to follow you shortly, Ms. Katherine!! ~KM