Wonderful Wednesday 4/11/12

So I promised I would show off more photos from our Easter weekend… here we go!  
These are the beautiful flowers that my wonderful Hubby got me… yes, they are a few days old, but they are still BEAUTIFUL!!
And here is my newest creation.  This is another one from my Grandmothers Stash….. I have to say, it is so inspirational to look through some of her stash.  There are so many beautiful colors and designs.  This one was a broken pin that is very old.  I really don’t know the exact age, but by the design and detail you can tell it is probably 40+ years old.  I pared it with some RED SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS and had fun!  Click on the photo to go see it in other views.
Red and Swarovski Crystal StarBURST Necklace Set
Only a few hours left….to enter… you could still win!!! 
Today’s featured artist is StacyBayless.  This great mother of 3 makes some of the cutest creations I have seen!  There are ‘little outfits’ or just a ‘fluffy’ here and there!  She is supported by her hubby and just loves what she does. She thrives on the great reviews and photos of little one in her creations!  Please visit her studio and remember to support handmade artists whenever you can!
As a closing thought, I would like to leave you with this – 
Love does not analyze its object.

-Henry David Thoreau
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