Wonderful Wednesday 4/25/12

Oh my goodness!!  If you follow me regularly you’ll notice that there wasn’t a Terrific Tuesday post yesterday. I had meant for there to be, but ‘life gets in the way’!  I am not sure how everything got away from me, but it did!!  Oh well, that just means that I have more to tell you about today, and OH BOY, do I have a LOT to tell you about!!
First, let me show off this amazing review I received from Mom Does Reviews.  When she contacted me about having her do a review the first thing I looked at was her ‘numbers’.  Here is what she sent me – Mom Does Reviews is ranked 50,851 in the world, according to Alexa.com.  I have over 9400 Facebook Fans, 6000 Twitter Followers and 4000 Google plus followers. Now, for any of you (us) that have worked on our marketing together….this is amazing!  Her numbers are something I ‘inspire’ to have!

So, of course I said yes!  I asked her some basic questions – that I ask all my custom order clients – and we were off and running.  She told me that she loved pink and purples and ‘sparkles’….well, you know I just HAD to make her something with Swarovski Crystals, right??  Here is the bracelet that I made her:

And I guess, from her review, she liked it!! :))) She LOVED it!! Please, go read her review and check out the give-a-way she is running…. for me – just look at what you could win!
So go, read her review – please – and enter to win this Swarovski Crystal necklace set!
Now, off to the next ‘item’!  I have gotten the studs in for my Cell Phone Charms.  So, off today to bead up the orders I already have and to make some more!  I have some ‘ideas’ for some of the new ones… keep a watch out!  If you still want one, click on the photo, my custom orders always get made and shipped FIRST!
Alright, just haven’t gotten enough yet?  Well, here is my new listing for today…. it is an ANKLET!  Yep, Gold Leaves Anklet is just one in the several I have made lately.  This one may not have any crystals, but it moves and flows!  What do you think?
I think I’ll save some of my news for tomorrow….  I have to keep you coming back?!?! 🙂  So here is what we ended up with, a review, a give-a-way, a new listing and follow up on custom order and a current listing…. I think that will do for today!  BUT, come back tomorrow and I will have some OTHER news for you!!  YEP… MORE!
As a last word, I’ll leave you with this quote;
Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together.

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  1. Wow, that IS a big deal! I know I went over to enter and saw the entry numbers and my eyes just popped!

    It couldn’t have happened to a better person 🙂