Wonderful Wednesday 5/9/12

What a wonderful response I got received about my new earring creations – THANK YOU!  I am always so encouraged by your comments!  I went ahead and listed another pair for one of today new listings, they seem to be getting and even better reaction!!! What do you think?
The Sun of the Royal Queen Beadwoven Earrings
And then to continue the BLUE theme I also listing this new creation!  I just love all the shades of blue that are in this necklace set!
Shades of Blue Have My Heart All in Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set
Now, on to an amazing jacket that I won from Kiwi Stuff.  I am still amazed that I actually won.  I received this wonderful jacket a couple of days ago and have had to ‘try it on’ several times.  It is sooooo comfortable and light.  I can’t wait to take it to camp this summer and be the ENVY of all the others who don’t have anything even close.  It is lightweight, very soft and comfortable and also fit perfectly!  Thank you so much to Kiwi Stuff!!!!!
And one more thing to ‘show off’ that I received.  The other day I featured a friend and wonderful artist – Walk in the Woods llc.  I featured this little notebook – and just had to have it!  Well, it is now mine and it is just so cute and functional!  I am SOOOO very impressed with the quality and attention to detail that she had to create this little book. 
Daisy Bloom - A Nature Inspired Pocket Notebook
And as a closing – something for all of us that create things with our own hands….
You cannot become or remain creative without solitude.
-Paul Tillich

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