Wonderful Wednesday

Last night was a fundraiser at our local Chuck E. Cheese’s for Monster’s school.  Monster was moving so fast I wasn’t able to get any photos, but Aye, well, I’ll let you have fun with this one!  
 Just think, she is about twice the size as most of the kids in the whole building!!  BUT, she was having SO much fun that I just couldn’t help take this photo!!
Here is today’s new listing in my ArtFire Studio.  I really enjoyed making this netting necklace.
SunshineandWhimsy is my featured artist today.  A lifetime crocheter and photographer it is no wonder her studio is full of AMAZING items.  Please visit her studio and all her other sites – remember, let her know where you heard about her! 
I haven’t done my numbers in a while, so I thought I would.  As you can see, the HOPS and #LINKLOVE really do work.  Just look at my growth! 
8/1/11 – 1,122 followers
9/20/11 – 1,243 followers

8/1/11 – 2,292 followers

9/20/11 – 2,459 followers

Fan Page
8/1/11 – 3,811 Fans

9/20/11 – 3,908 Fans

8/1/11 – 7,225

9/20/11 – 7,610

Growth – 385 (41 days time)

Today’s hop
A last thought, love who you are with – even if it is yourself!  ~KM
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  1. LittleAva

    I’m your newest Twitter follower!! I’m hosting a giveaway and would love any other jewelry makers to particpate as well!