Wonderful Wednesday

It is a wonderful day, today, but yesterday….
Yesterday I went to Aye’s Open House.  It was a disaster, at least for me!  I am not sure that everyone else had some of the issues I had, but then, not many people are as ORDER oriented as I am.  I don’t do well in crowds, especially when everyone is bumping and pushing you.  The first problem was that I am, I guess, to active!  They had several meeting scheduled at the same time in different places.  So at one time I was having to give up helping the PTSA in order to be at the meeting for AYE’s new booster club.  
Then, it was OFF TO THE RACES!  She has 8 teachers – only 4 each day.  WE went on a adventure to each class for 10 minutes with only 5 minutes to travel in between the classes.  Oh ya, did I tell you that these were spreed out among 3 buildings and 3 different levels?  So here is how it went – RUSH to get to the class, let the teacher introduced themselves and say about 10 words, then RUSH to the next class!  YES, for me it was a disaster!  I now that not everyone had a hard time like I did, but it is ME that I am talking about!
Did I mention that I also had MONSTER with us the whole time?  That he was switching between trying to sleep and throw a fit for just about the whole time!?!?  Then there was the class that AYE has had since the beginning of the year that is now with a different teacher and different class room – a building apart – that AYE didn’t know anything about until we got to her regular class room and the door was LOCKED!  We found out from OTHER parents in the hall what was going on!  
OK, so it isn’t Tantrum Thursday yet, but I just HAD to get this out!!  I like elementary OPEN HOUSE’s – MONSTER has his on Thursday night!!  OH BOY!
Here is today’s NEW listing in my ArtFire Studio – what do you think???
Today’s featured studio is LittleOddMe. Although she does her photography on the side it is obvious that she is VERY good at it.  I just love some of the images that she has in her studio and think that her Connecticut surroundings give her lots to work with.  Can you guess where she is originally from?  Read her BIO to find out… it might surprise you!!  Please remember to let her know where you hear about her!!
I wont be doing more hops today, I am already behind on the hops I did yesterday.
My thought for today is the call you BEST FRIEND.  You know that you think of them every day, you know that you value their friendship and help, but do THEY?  Tell them!  ~KM

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