Wonderful Wednesday 9/12/12

Today I would like to show off my Monster.  He just (at age 7 1/2) lost his first tooth!!  He is so proud!!  He is starting a ‘little’ late on loosing his teeth, but the dentist warned us that he might loose several teeth very quickly once the first one comes out, so keep watching!!!
Because of yesterday’s post I didn’t get to show off the new listing, but here it is.  This is a fun and cute necklace set that will hold a photo or note.  The locket is clear glass on BOTH sides, so you can acutually put 2 photos in it.  

Soft Pink Beautiful Glass Locket Frame Necklace Set

Then there is the new listing for today… this one is so soft and beautiful.  The gemstones seem to just ‘fit’ together!

Amethyst and Green Fluorite Necklace Set

I am sure that many of you have already seen the new bracelet I am working on, but here is the first and most recent photo…. you can follow along with the rows on my Fan Page or Google+ page.
 all the colors!
row 94
And now, for a featured artist… Tomlinson_Photography_and_Design.  This amazing artist seems to be able to find the beauty in very abstract places.  I just love how there is something in the main focus that isn’t normally, yet it fits!!  I don’t usually take quotes from the artists bio, but this one just simply was to wonderful to not use…. “there is something special to be seen in the rust and old structures that I come across. The vivid colors, worn textures and small objects draw me in to capture images that tell a story of hardwork, strength, and dedication,” she expresses.  Please check out her wonderful studio and remember to support handmade artists whenever you can.
 A Hikers Path Moss Covered Forest Floor Nature Photography Print
 Today I would like to leave you with this quote;

Well behaved women seldom make history. 
-by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Sentences
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6 Responses

  1. Shari G

    My oldest lost his first one in June, and he is on his 3rd. His all came in super fast, so they are coming out fast. He just turned 6, but he has swallowed his first 2, so I am hoping he at least lets me put 1 under the pillow! LOL

    • Krafty Max

      oh, I hope so!! I was told the other day that when they loose their first tooth it is actually a sign of maturity?@@? We’ll see!?!?

  2. Cassandra Tomlinson

    Thank you so much for featuring my studio on your blog, it is a honor! Also, congrats to your son for loosing his first tooth!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you! I hope it helped and that you enjoyed it!!

  3. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    I remember that first lost tooth as a child–It’s an exciting time in a kid’s life, that’s for sure! Hopefully the ‘Tooth Fairy’ *wink wink* will visit him tonight 🙂

    Both of your new listings are gorgeous-I love the locket/photo pendant on the one.

    You and your new bracelets always awe me! I love this one, too ^.^

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you!! Yes, the tooth fairy was very generous – this being his first tooth!! But, I am not sure she will be for the next one!?!?? :))) Thank you as always for your compliments/comments!