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Welcome, I am Krafty Max and I create Krafty Max Originals!

And, life is good! Creating fully beaded, one-of-a-kind creations for others to wear and enjoy makes waking up every day wonderful! Many call me a traditional beader because I mostly do off-loom beadweaving and fully beaded creations.  I call myself inspired! Inspired to create something that I would be proud to wear or sell!

Working with beads that are often small (11-15 beads per inch) makes most people ‘squint’ and talk about not having patience. For me, it is working with those beads that calms me and completes my day!

Some of my larger art creations take more than 170 hours to complete, yet whether it is designing the patterns or doing the bead work, I am the lucky one that gets to do what I love. Day after day!

Please visit often; enjoy my mistakes, triumphant creations and just watch as I bring a piece of art to life.


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