A Knight in Shining Armor, The Art of Handmade and Black and White!

What a weekend!!  Boy, talk about busy!!  There was Halloween, homecoming, a birthday party (for a friend), football, NASCAR and so much more!  And for me, a couple of milestones!!  These might seem small, but they are big in my recovery!  I am allowed to drive now – short distances to start – but I can drive!  My daily ‘outside’ walks are getting longer and I can walk up the s steps (5 of them) left over right with little to no pausing!!

Just look at my KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR!!!  He also is caring a sward from Lord of the Rings!!  Isn’t he just wonderful!?!?!

sean halloween 2015 3

sean halloween 2015 2

sean halloween 2015 1

I was able to get into my studio and do a photo shoot…just look at how this black and white necklace turned out.  SIMPLE and ELEGANT!

black and white beadwoven tri necklace 1

If you are a lover of Handmade, or your are a Handmade artist yourself then this new magazine is for you!  I am very proud to be a contributor for this magazine and after reading it from cover to cover, it is so worth getting!!  Just click below to find out how you can get your own copy!!


Are you interested in having your art, message or business sent out to thousands of people?  Just look at how little you can spend to put a business card size ad in this 3rd Annual gift guide!!

Annual Gift Guide

Have you seen what I have done so far with my Brown Agate slice?  Here is where I left off on Friday….remember, you can come over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

brown agate slice wrk 10

Tomorrow I’ll be showing off photos of my daughter on her way to her homecoming dance!!  But for today I want to leave you with this great thought for the day!!


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2 Responses

  1. Virginia

    Your son is a very Handsome Knight.

    • Krafty Max

      Yes, he is…. a knight in training!! 🙂 ~KM