A WINNER and some Great FOOD!

Guess what I get to do today!?!?  Do you already know?  I get to choose a winner!! YEP, I sure do!!

And the winner is: Karie D.  (an email has been sent)

But there are still more Krafty Max Originals you can win!! Just look at the bottom of this post for all the links!!!

Do you belong to any of the POINTS programs at your local stores?  I have really started to be more active in watching the points, coupons and such that all my stores offer!! I am a HUGE fan of SpeedWay, CVS, Kmart/Sears and Winn Dixie points programs – just to name a few!!  Yesterday I went and bought some great meat at Winn Dixie and realized I also need to ‘fill-up’ the gas take.  So, here is the dinner I made – and the saving I received at the pump…..do you see that gas price??

kabobsfruit salad

fuel perks

ANd if you haven’t been watching, here is an update on my hummingbird…what do you think?  I should have it done today – and hopefully listed tomorrow!! Remember, you can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day!

hummingbird wrk 188

Have you gone over and looked at the Expanding Krafty Max Go Fund Me Campaign ?  If you haven’t, please check it out – Donate – comment – SHARE!!

And don’t forget all the give-a-ways still going on!!



And here are more that I am a part of!!!

And today, I would like to leave you with this thought;
ACT happy, FEEL happy, BE happy, without a reason in the world! ~Dan Millman
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