Dream Catcher Necklace from Wildlife Plastics (working), 3D Deer Red and Purple Necklace and 11th BeadALong Box!

Good MORNING! Another day ready to start being inspired and creative!  Are YOU ready??  I don’t know if it is because it is summer or just that it is time, but I am going through a really inspired time!!  I am thinking and dreaming of so many creations that I just can’t keep up!!  I only wish that I could bead while I sleep and NOT clean the house (oh ya, that is what kids are for)!! 🙂 But I will be back to the bead tray this morning in just a little bit…to work on my beautiful DREAM catcher from Wildlife Plastics!  Here is where I left off last night!!

And a new listing, of course.  Are you ready? Just look at that center..it is a little 3D scene of a Deer and some dried flowers…wonderful!!

If you bought a kit for the 11th BeadALong then your kit is ON THE WAY!!  I sent out the patterns (to your emails) yesterday! So, get ready to bead a beautiful little box!!!! For those of you that didn’t get the kit…would you like to buy this little box from me?  I made one as a sample and I will be making another for the videos…what would YOU pay for this???  HUMMMM? I need help pricing it!! Be reasonable…there are HOURS and HOURS of work  and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of beads!!

OK, I am excited to get to the bead tray this morning….so I’ll leave you with this thought;

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion! ~Dalai Lama

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