Fabulous Friday

Yesterday I finished getting ready for our show this weekend….Van is packed, cards are ready and we can’t wait to GET AWAY this morning!!  Although the show are a LOT of work it is so very nice to have a break from LIFE and get out and meet people that like to look at our artwork.  

We again will take LOTS of photos and tell you all about the show when we get back, but for now I have a wonderful – FABULOUS – artist to show off.  Having many friends that paint, and being unable to paint myself, I have to say it is truly a labor of love and time!  PatriciaZ is truly talented painter.  Although her work is very time consuming, you can tell in her work that the time is well spent.  Most of her items take MULTIPLE firings and layers.  She also teaches her work to others, which just makes it all the more – FABULOUS! 

Please visit her studio and let her know what you think of her work!  

#LINKLOVE listings…not many this week…

Have a FABULOUS weekend and try to make it a FABULOUS FRIDAY.  ENJOY!! ~KM
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