Fascinating Friday 1/10/13 (Clearence Items, a Collection of Patterns and TEAL)

Today I get to bead again!!!  AAWWWEEE, I am happy!  My stress level has gone down from VERY high to just barely there – just from ‘playing with some beads’!!!  I have so many things in the works that even a couple of days seems to set me back!!  
I am working on the layout and set-up of another gift guide.  This one will have a ‘nominal’ fee, but will be bigger and better than the last!  It will be for Valentines Day!!  So, if you are interested keep a watch out, because I will be announcing the information in the next week.
Are you planning for the holidays of the year yet??
Once again, neither of these are NEW, but they are wonderful and they have both been moved to the clearance section!!!
Brown and Yellow - Beadwoven Bracelet for Creations Color Challenge
Glowing in the Black of Night Swarovski Crystal Springwire Bracelet
 I worked a bit last night!!  Now the front and back of this one is done, but with luck there will be THREE of these stones in this creations….. so keep watching!! You can come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day to watch it grow!!
Just for fun, I made this collection to show off some of my peyote patterns!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

It’s easy to stand with a crowd.  It takes courage to stand alone.
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