Fascinating Friday 8/2/13

Well, it is Friday again…..yep, it sure is!!!  I have to say that this has been another one of the AMAZING weeks of the summer!!!  Life has so busy at the Krafty Max house that some days I have to really work hard to get everything done.  Strange how some people say that ‘working at home’ is so easy….if ONLY they knew… to me it is harder….but I wouldn’t give it up for anything!!!
Because of the lack of bids I have decided to extend the Auction until 8/10/13.  This way I will be able to HOPEFULLY raise more funds to donated to the American Red Cross.
Please, go over and bid – 2 sets don’t even have bids yet!!!
This is another beautiful pin that I found in my Grandmothers Stash and then recreated it into a necklace set.  I found these beautiful ceramic beads when I was at a local bead show and boy, do they match!! What do you think???
This little bracelet has currently gotten some great response!!  I will be finishing it today, so keep watching!!! 
I would like to leave you with this thought;
Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action.
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