Finished Mom’s Necklace Set, New Creations (Brown Agate Slice), New Listings (Orange, Topaz and Purple) and End of Summer #GiveAWay

It is FRIDAY!!  I know that working from home affords me some ‘liberties’ and that I am not set to schedules like many people are, but for me the weekend means hubby and kids!! It also means ‘family time’ in the form of cleaning and getting things prepped for the next week! I also use the weekends to crochet and do other crafts!! But, I still have LOTS of beading time today!! I finished off my mother’s necklace/earrings setting!! Here they are!! I sure hope she likes them!!

And of course when I finish one creations I start something new! I picked this brown agate slice, but I have plans to use OTHER colors on it besides brown!! Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

Today I listed another new set and also 2 pairs of earrings! I hope you like these!!

For those of you who haven’t entered, now is your time, the ends tomorrow…I’ll be drawing the winner on Monday!

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I wand to leave you with this thought today;

The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention! ~Richard Moss

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