HOT! HOT! HOT! And Wedding Jewelry TOO!

What a wild and wonderful weekend it was – granted, it was HOT!!!  Yes, our AC is out again!!  I have to say that I am not a very nice person when I am hot – but I get a lot of beading done…..can’t do much else when it is 90 degrees+ in the house!  We did get a small window unit put into the kitchen window….this lowered it to about 80 degrees through out most of the day.  But in the afternoons and evening it just couldn’t catch up!! I hope to have our guy out here again to work on out unit…I hope!

Because the AC was only cooling a couple of main rooms it put my son’s hamster, Lucy (after the character in Narnia) out in the hall way.  Our dog, Ziggy (a rat terrier) has always shown a LOT of interest in Lucy…..but thank goodness there is a metal cage! This is how he spent most of his day!

ziggy and lucy

With the extra time to bead I was able to get some creations done that I had been working on.  I was able to do a photo shoot and even edit some photos!! Here is today’s new listing – what do you think?

green and white necklace set 6Do you like the new watermark??


And of couse I worked on my White Wedding Set.  I was able to finish ALL of the frames.  What do you think? There are 25 stones/crystals that are framed!!  Now it is on to the layouts!! Remember, you can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day!

wedding necklace wrk 70Tomorrow I’ll show off what we made in class, but for now I’ll leave you with the give-a-ways!!!  Please go enter them!!  There are some amazing prizes and fun people to connect with!!



Please watch this video, fund me if you can and help me GROW!!

Today, though, I would like to leave you with this thought;

One rose says more than a dozen! ~Wendy Craig


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