Lisa Wingate and a Day with Military Kids!

This past weekend was just amazing!!  The kids, a dear friend and I spend the day helping young military children make themselves bracelets!!  I just love working with kids!! They were all so amazed and proud at what they had made!!  Talk about a great way to spend the day!!

Back to school bash 1

Back to school bash 2

Back to school bash 3

Back to school bash 4

Have you been following along with the lessons?  You can go back a couple of posts and catch up if you would like! Here are the Lessons I posted on Friday!! And remember I’ll be posting more lessons on my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day!

   Brown Bracelet with lesson 11 copy

Brown Bracelet with lesson 12 copy

Brown Bracelet with lesson 13 copy

Brown Bracelet with lesson 14 copy

Brown Bracelet with lesson 15 copy

Was that not enough?  Well, I want to show you what I received!!  I am just so excited!!!   Many of you know that Lisa Wingate is my favorite author, but do you know how I found her?   And how we became friends?  It all started with a trip to Books-A-Million!!  My hubby and I stopped in to pick up some books (well, mostly him) and I wondered through the discount tables.  I found a book called Tending Roses!  The cover was just so beautiful and the story sounded great.  So, I picked it up, added it to the pile and then purchased it.  It sat for a bit before I finished the one I was already reading.  But then, I started it…….and I was lost!  Not only did I finish it within 2 days but I went straight back to Books-A-Million and bought all the other Lisa WIngate books they had.  I promptly read them all!!  After drafting several letters I finally sent a personal letter to Lisa to thank her for her books and tell her a little bit about how much her books had ment to me.  I figured I’d never hear back…..but I did!  I received a personal email from Lisa and that is where our friendship started!!  I now feel honored to call her a friend!!

Through all of this my connection to her books grew!! I am now a Book Ambassadors as well as one of the sisters in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Books (this year I was honored to also be a BIG sister)!  These just mean that I am honored to be able to not only get a chance to review her books before they come out, but also talk about them to everyone else!! Today, that is what I am doing!!  Her newest book The Sea Keeper’s Daughter is an amazing and touching book!!  Although all her books can be read separately they have intertwining stories and are best when they are read together!! This is the Third book in this grouping.  Tomorrow I’ll start a give-a-way for a copy of this amazing books and do a review of the book.  For today, I would just suggest that you check out reviews, buy a book (even for an eReader) and LIKE her page… will LOVE these stories and the way they touch your life!!

lisa wingate

I haven’t yet shown you my new listing for today, want to see?  It is one of the most beautiful stones!!  I have to say that they lady that does my wire-working out did herself with this one!  The gold filled wire just frames it perfectly, and then the bow on top…..wonderful! Let me know what you think by rating it – or leaving a comment.

Rutilated Quartz and Topaz Swar Crystal Set 4

Tomorrow there will be more!!! But, for today I would like to leave you with this thought;

If you can’t be a good example you’ll just have to be a terrible warning!!  



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8 Responses

  1. Sharon Mannion

    I love the new listing jewelry set, Marci. Beautiful! Love the story about how you became friends with your favorite author, Lisa Wingate.

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you so much!!!! That truly means a lot! ~KM

  2. Lisa Wingate

    Thanks so much, KM! One of the best things about books is the way they connect us with people we never would have met otherwise. So proud to count you among talented and creative friends I love knowing!


    • Krafty Max

      🙂 What a happy chance!! Thank you very much!! ~KM

  3. Keri LaPensee

    Ok I just read the blurbs for a few different Lisa Wingate books and I am truly intrigued. I love finding new authors works to delve into so Thank you for the introduction to her!!!! Also still loving the lessons and wonderful pretties your listing!

    • Krafty Max

      I am so glad they are helping, I hope to do more soon! You really SHOULD read her books, they are so worth it!! ~KM

  4. Virginia

    I love your latest Jewelry Listing. I love the story of how you became friends with Lisa Wingate. I had never heard of her before until you started talking about her books. I’m very intrigued and will have to look for her books now.

    • Krafty Max

      They are SOOOO worth the try!! Thank you!! ~KM