Making Monday 8/18/14 (My Beautiful Daughter, Dragonfly Totem and a New Project)

OK, do you remember the photo I showed you the other day of my daughter?  Let me refresh your memory….
Well, she has grown up a little!! THIS is her picture from this morning… first day of High School!!! WOW, where did the years go?  
So, now my goal is to get my son ready this week and get him off to school next week…then….quiet house!! WHEW HOO! 🙂 I know, that is wrong, but I have to tell you, it has been a busy summer and I am looking forward to the days I don’t leave the house….at ALL!! 🙂 
So, did you watch this one grow over the last week?  Do you remember what it is?  It is a Totem Stone!!  And do you like the chain instead of a beadwoven strap??  I am not sure, but I have had some requests, so I thought….let’s try!!  Click on the photo to see more photos!!
So, what always happens when I finish one creation…. I start a new one!! This will be a bracelet, but you’ll have to watch and guess what the design will be…but just look at these colors…can you guess what season it is for?? 
I am still (and always) in need of featured artists!!  If you make something handmade (shop or not) and would like to be featured please fill out this form and message/email it back to me.  I LOVE to feature other artists!!
Or you can email me and I’ll send you a word doc!!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile!
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2 Responses

  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    It looks like your daughter found the perfect first day of school outfit! She looks absolutely adorable. Hopefully she had a good first day!

    I think your necklace turned out beautifully, too. Not quite sure about the chain myself either but hey, at least you’re trying new things right? 🙂

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you @Kayla, she had a wonderful day!! We’ll see how the chain goes, I can always go back and add a strap on it!! ~KM