Manic Monday 6/3/13

Oh my goodness, what a weekend!!!  I had LOTS of family time this weekend, and LOTS of beading time……the perfect blend!!  
Over the last 5 days I have been able to see 3 movies in the theaters!!  Amazing!! We dont’ usually go see movies that much, it just kind-of happened that way!  First I was able to see Fast and Furious 6 – yes, 6!!  But, I have to say that this is one of those that never gets tiring!!  I am just as impressed with this movie as I was the first one!  And yes, they put a ‘teaser’ at the end for the next one….I’ll go watch it!!
I then went – well, we all went, to see EPIC!  The kids were yelling ‘we want more’ at the end!  It was wonderful!  I am always amazed at how far animation has come.  This movie swept you in and kept you there!!  I hope that they really do make another on of these….it was amazing!!!
Then, yesterday I went again to the movies – this time it was to the movie Now You See Me.  This was a great movie!  A little bit boring for my 8 year old, but not to bad!!  The twists and turns leave you watching for the ‘smoke and mirrors’ in every scene!  
But, what really got to me was the previews! Once again I was struck with the amazingly graphic previews they do in theaters and on TV.  At the Fast and Furious 6 we were shown more action movies and some TV shows – it was a LONG, but perfect mix of previews for this show and rating (PG-13).  Epic (PG), same way.  I was a little concerned when they showed movie previews for movies that were a bit more adult than I would like, but not bad.  BUT, when we went to see Now You See Me…totally different thing!  This movie is rated PG-13.  I know that my son is only 8 and it is my choice to take him to a PG 13 movie, but I also looked at the ratings first and knew that there wasn’t any violence and/or gore in this movie.  But there sure was in the previews!!  I can’t even tell you what movies they were showing, but let me just say that there was a older teen and mother on one side of us and a older couple on the other and they were just as offended!  There were – not one, not two, but THREE GORY SCARY and VERY BLOODY movie previews before this movie!  ALL OF US – the teen and mother, the older couple and my son and I – were VERY offended and sickened.  There were cries of outrage and LOTS of covering eyes!!  I don’t like scary movies and I like gory one’s even less, but I can watch them if I have to….these previews were BEYOND that!  I can’t believe that those movies were all rated PG13 or less, so WHY would they show them to an audience that is PG13 or less???  
I complained to the management after and was basically told that the previews come with the movie and are regulated by the management and movie industry…..this is outrageous!!  Have you run across this too?  I have complained (ranted) about this before, but this was by far the WORST!
I ‘sorta’ have two projects that are my current project!!  First is the ceramic one that I did finish over the weekend, but I haven’t been able to get a mini photo shoot done, so it hasn’t been listed yet!  Here are the last two working photos for this one….
And, of course, I had to start something else, so here it is!!  It is for the the
challenge, so I am working hard on it to get it done… posting of our creations start this week!!  But today, is when the REAL fun starts on this one!!

Remember to my Fan Page or Google+ page to watch this creation grow throughout the day!!
Thank you so much to Elite Mamas Blog for doing this amazing review and give-a-way for me.  It also has the ‘making’ video for the beautiful bracelet I made for her – it is something to watch!  So please, go read the review and see what she thought of her bracelet and enter this give-a-way.  (click on either photo to get to the post).
Give-A-Way prize!!
Today’s featured artist is CarpetbaggerCreations.  I think I will start out this feature by taking a line straight from the artist; There is such a sense of satisfaction in making beautiful things of quality that bring pleasure to others!  For me, that says it all!  This artist’s studio is full of beautiful creations that will just ‘take your breathe away’.  I am very impressed with the look and attention to detail that you can see in this artists creations!  Make sure you go and look around in her studio, I know you’ll find something you like!  Remember, always support handmade artists if you can!!
Spring flowers. Handmade Amy Bultler cotton shoulder purse. Pockets.
 Today I would like to leave you with this thought of the day’

If it’s not a beautiful morning, let your cheerfulness make it one!
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4 Responses

  1. Soonergrl911`

    Hate movie previews myself….. Hope you had fun with your son despite the horrors!!! And I love love love your bracelet!!!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you – as always – for your wonderful comments!! ~KM

  2. Pat Barrett

    Wow, thank you SO much for including my shop/purse in your lovely blog – I’m flattered beyond words!!

    • Krafty Max

      I am so glad you enjoyed it… hope it helped!! ~KM