Manic Monday 7/8/13

 Oh my goodness, this is truly a MANIC MONDAY!! I have so much to tell you, so much to show you and a LOT of great comments!!  I am just so excited about my announcement!!  I have been keeping this for a week or so and it has been really hard for me!!!!!  So, should I start off with my news or make you wait…..uuummmm…. oh , I can’t wait!!!
I applied for an amazing partnership with Prima Beads.  There were MANY who applied, but only 10 of us where chosen…and yep, one of them way MEEEEE!!  Here is the program – in a ‘minute’ – and boy, is it a fun one!  We will be sent a month ‘themed’ box of supplies to then create something with.  We will then ‘show off’ our creations!!!  How wonderful is that???
I received my ‘welcome’ package and the first months package over the weekend – and OH BOY, am I excited!!!! I can’t wait to create something with all the goodies I received!!  Here is the JUST the welcome package……
Aren’t I lucky?????  Well, I feel so very lucky that I want to SHARE the ‘bounty’!!  Yep, I am going to give-a-way the CLASS IN A BOX to one lucky winner (Valued at $25.00)!!! This box is amazing!  It has everything you’ll need: Mat, beads, tool, findings, clasp and even an instruction book! CLICK on the photo to go to the Give-a-Way!!
So, what do you think of my BIG announcement??  FUN?  Exciting??  Tomorrow I’ll show off the beads/findings I received to create something with this month…yep, there is MORE!!!
I also want to show you the other bloggers who were included this AMAZING opportunity.
Like I didn’t tell you about enough already, I have a new listing for today too!! Here it is… this is one of those that can be worn with just about any outfit… it is fun and business like at the same time!!
More, YEP!!!  Here is the last photo from yesterday… and I’ll be back at my bead tray this morning!! I am really loving the way the colors are ‘poping’ on this one!!  Remember, you can watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day!!
And now, for many of you, this is the first photo you’ve seen of me.  I really don’t like my photo taken, but I needed a new one, so…. Yes, RED hair and glasses…. But, this is ME!! What do you think??
Today I am going to leave you with this thought;
Although I will never know your worry or heartache, thank you for all the times you let me walk my own path and learn my own way!
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4 Responses

  1. Kathy

    Congratulations and I am sure you will make something beautiful with the kit they sent you. Wishing you all the best. Sure loved following your tranquility project and is beautiful!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you very much!! ~KM

  2. Anzia Parks

    Congrats, It will be like Christmas & your Birthday rolled into one! Except you got to put in a little work, before you play! lol!

    Have fun

    • Krafty Max

      yep…. is has been so much fun!! AND, for me, I’ll get even more fun creating with all the new ‘stash’!! ~KM