Marvelous Monday 10/22/12

What a weekend!!!!  I was able to spend Saturday night with some wonderful military kids and their families!!  We had right at 100 people ‘sleeping in’ at the MOSH (Museum of Science and History).  What a great time we had!!!!  
I did have time to finish another set, here it is, my new listing for today!!

Green Ceramic and Beautiful Copper Necklace Set

And, of course, my AMAZING sale is still going on… what a way at give someone the ‘perfect’ gift!  You get MORE than you pay for and they get to choose their own creation – of even get a custom made one for themselves!!!!  EVERYONE WINS!!!
Today’s featured artist is  FairyTailCollars.  I have to say that this was the most fun I have ever had reading someone’s bio page.  Usually there are stories about ‘how’ we came to start creating and ‘why’ we start creating, but I have never read one that is a fairy tale!!!  I want to share it with you, but unless I share the ENTIRE story about Bella, Pharaoh, Toula, Duma, Apollo, Merlin and Zeus. I promise, even if you don’t have a pet of your own, you’ll  find something that will make you smile in this amazing studio.  Please check it out and remember to always support handmade artists!
And for today, I will leave you with this thought;
If not for the wealth of our friendships, indeed, we would be poor.
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