Marvelous Monday

What a weekend!  
First on Friday night I gave Kris over at Aprons by MeMe a surprise birthday party!  Believe it or not she really was surprised!  Between hiding cars, adjusting our ‘story’ every day so she wouldn’t find out and trying to make excuses why we couldn’t come over – the time was finally here!  Nothing went as planned, and yet, somehow we actually pulled it off!  
And for me, it was ALL worth it to see her face and how happy she was! 
Then on Saturday we went to my mother-in-laws for the day, great company, great food and just a great day!  Sunday was NAS JAX Airshow for hubby and kids and an all day errand for me to help out a friend!
So, all in all, a WONDERFUL WEEKEND that is leading into a MARVELOUS MONDAY!
I didn’t get much  beading done over the weekend – as you can see I was very busy – but I did get something done for Krafty Max Originals!  I have been working on some changes, as you all know, and I would like to show off one right now.  Here is my new LOGO, what do you think?
 Well, what do you think?  I am so very grateful to wackyjacquisdesigns.  I gave her LOTS of information when we started, probably an overload of information!  Then, with some questions and a few choices, she got this logo – EXACTLY the way I envisioned it!!!  I have to say, I LOVE IT!  When I explain my name to people I always say, I am Krafty Max and I create Krafty Max Originals!  I am just so very very impressed with wackyjacquisdesigns  and the amazing talent she has.  The process has been VERY painless, VERY efficient and VERY wonderful!  As the week goes on I will be introducing my ‘NEW LOOK’.  Please let me know what you think and also go, visit wackyjacquisdesigns.  She is having a great sale and she FULLY gets my endorsement!
Later today I’ll be listing my CreationsColorChallengeGroup challenge entry.  Our colors are Purple and Gold this time and I am actually done with the beading on my entry, I just need to finish it off with a clasp and take photos….
Thank you so very much to IslandsOfTime for featuring me in this great collection.
For my featured artist I picked – CandySkein.  Although she is new to dying yarns, it it easy to see that she is VERY good at it!  Starting out dying them for herself she quickly fell in love with the process and starting dying tooo much (her words, not mine!) and so her studio was opened.  Please go visit any of her sites and look at her wonderful creations.  Remember to support your handmade artists! 
I am starting some of my own HOPS.  This is the first, please come join in!

For today, remember that everyday is a NEW day and LIFE goes on! ~KM
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4 Responses

  1. Aprons by MeMe

    Thank You SEW much for a Wonderful Surprise and Great Party!! It is always so nice to be surrounded by Amazing Friends♥♥

  2. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    Sounds like the perfect weekend!


    Thank you for allowing us to post our giveaway. We are also new followers with GFC.

  4. Tami Klockau

    Thank you so much for including info about Candy Skein! I really do appreciate it!