Marvelous Monday

Although today is a Federal Holiday today, for me it is my youngest – MONSTER’s birthday!  He is now officially 6!  Last night we has a small – mostly family – birthday party for him.  It is amazing that he is this old, and at the same time, this young!!  His birthday was a big hit.  He just loved allllll of his gifts, but his favorite was the Hess truck from his Dad and the car organizer from Kris (ApronsbyMeMe).  Here are a couple of photos, but there are more on my fan page…. kraftymaxoriginals

Then there was the CLEAN AYE’S ROOM project.  I will show you the after photos – I refused to do before photos!  There are LOTS more photos on my fan page for her room too!!

So, after such a long weekend and so much cleaning… today is a day for beads!  I am starting on a couple more custom orders… I’ll post photos later on my fan page of the colors and such.  Tomorrow…. back to the clean out (the trash men might need a bonus after all of this)!!!!

I have found a wonderful artist to feature today, resin8.  I just love the designs she uses the the way her work shows off the GLOSS of quality!  Please check out her shop and look at her beautiful work!

As you are about your business please do on forget that we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work and life.  Although many of us know him for his I Have A Dream speech,  he was a major contributor to our modern lives.  He has influenced more people than can be named, both black and white.  So remember today, even the small things could really make a difference in someone’s life!  ~KM
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4 Responses

  1. Michele of By Your Side

    Happy Birthday to the Monster!!
    Aye’s room looks awesome… Kate is still waiting on you!! LOL
    I couldn’t agree more about Martin Luther King Jr’s influence on all of our lives… his work and sacrifice deserves to be remembered and celebrated!

  2. wcharles

    I’m on fab high from sending my art to the golden globes!!!!….I love my supporter!!!!
    Thank u for loving my art
    <3 xxxx

  3. Krafty Max Originals

    Thanks Michele…. who knows!!!

    I am so glad your art went over so well, Win! ~KM

  4. Doris Sturm

    Happy belated 6th Birthday, Monster 🙂 I’m glad it was a good one!