Marvelous Monday

Yes, Yes, YES I am!!  After loosing one after another program (removing and reinstalling them didn’t help at all) and then loosing my Internet again I gave up!  Well, actually I gave in.  I purchased a new computer late last week.  My 4 year old laptop had finally given in.  I was still able to access all my files and folders, just not the programs that were needed to open the files.  I also had invested in an external hard drive about a year ago and that made transferring everything very easy! 
I have to say that I did get a lot of beading done though!  The only down side was that I was often flustered about the computer.  Strange, I really don’t like all the time the computer takes, but I do enjoy working on it!  What is that?  And OXYMORON? 
So, here is what I have made over the past week….. let me know what you think, please!!
Here are some teaser photos, starting tomorrow I will be listing an item a day in my ArtFire studio
And here is what I got in the mail on Saturday.  This little muse is much cuter in person than it is in these photos.  I have to say little things, like the texture, just add to the look even more.  Thank you so very much to QuernusCrafts for her wonderful creation.  She and I worked on this for some time and not only did she make me a great dragonfly but also a great muse for my creations.  THANK YOU!  Please check out her sites below my dragonfly pictures so that you can fan, follow and like her EVERYWHERE!!
I am very proud and flattered to show off the bracelet I made for Tough Cookie Mommy to review.  After working with her to get an idea of what she was like I designed this bracelet.  
Please go read it, enter and even comment if you can. I am also giving away a set along with her review, so you might even win one of my creations!!
Here is a collection that some of my DESTASH beads were included in.  Thank you to Tomlinson_Photography_and_Design  for including me!
I am doing HOPS again!  

So, for today I would like to close with this thought
even when things are down
there is always tomorrow!  ~KM
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    Hello! I’m following you back from! Thanks for the follow!

  2. Danielle T

    I love the bracelet you made! I can’t even imagine how you began to make that but it’s gorgeous! Following you back (daniellealecia) from Mixxed Reviews, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Kalliejcpatch

    Beautiful work.

  4. Daria @ Mom in Management

    I love Maria! (Tough Cookie Mom) and your first necklace and the bracelet you made are definitely my taste. Love them! Following you back – thank you for stopping by my blogs 🙂

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    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Following you now via google friend connect and networked blogs! Please follow back if you don’t already.

  6. Krafty Max Originals

    Thank you right back! ~KM

  7. Krafty Max Originals

    @Danielle T
    Thank you! Lots of tiny beads!! Thanks again! ~KM

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    @KalliejcpatchThank you! Following you back now too! ~KM

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    @Daria @ Mom in Management Thanks!! ~KM

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    @The Queen of Swag I am a follower!! ~KM