New WIP, New Listing, & Available Kits!!

Good Morning!! Today it might be FRIDAY the 13th, and for some that may mean BAD luck, but for me it always has been a lucky Day!!! So, let’s fill tus day with amazing creations and inspiration😃. As you guessed, I finished the Daisy Necklace yesterday so I am starting of with a New WIP today and which also means the Daisy Necklace is the New Listing for today! So those will be the topics of today as well as sharing with you all the available kits in my shop!

I am excited for this new WIP!! It is going to be the sample for one of my next kits!! So far, I am on row 20 and the shimmer and shine on this piece in person is 😍. Let’s see how far I can manage to get on this today and see if anyone can guess what it may be…REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

New WIP!!

Now, on to the New Listing of today!! It is the WIP that I finished yesterday of ‘Delicate Daisy Beadwoven Wearable Art Necklace.’ This center is little but has sooo much personality!! These tiny and delicate daisies will bring you so much joy-no matter the season you wear it! This beautiful center is another handmade one from Wildlife Plastics.

Want to know more or grab this ooak beauty?…Just click on image to find out how!

Next, I would like to share with you some of the available kits in my shop at the moment. As of now, I now have only one available kit to share with you all. That kit is the New Art in a Bag Kit for September( Birds in a Tree). Let me tell you a little about it and how you can get yours😉

The New 5×7 Art in a Bag Kit is now available until 09/23!! The pattern for September is of Birds in a Tree…Perfect for Fall/springtime and is only available for this kit and will not be able to be purchased separately!! This kit will come with a complete word chart and All the Delica beads needed to complete the art as well as a Canvas to mount the finished artwork! Bead colors are subject to availability!! Again it is a available now until September 23rd and will be mailed out on September 30th!

Grab your today by clicking on the Image 😃

I hope you all enjoy today and the weekend! I am off to work on the WIP now…let’s see how far I get-in the meantime, I will leave you all with this 😃

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