New WIP, New Listing, & Available Kits!!

Good morning!!☀️ I hope that my day of beading inspires you to do something you love…just think of what will happen if we all inspire each other!! Today I am starting something new and can’t wait to show you!! Then I have a new listing from finishing up the Petrified Wood creation from the past couple of days to show you as well as the available kits in my shop!! Let’s get beading!!

Pink Druzy Gemstone WIP

As most of you saw, yesterday I finished up working on the Petrified Wood creation so today I pulled out something pretty, shiny, and full of sparkles!! I have 2 pictures to show you all… the First one is of the stone itself and the Second one is of the first few rounds building up around the stone!! I have decided to use matte and shiny beads mixed together for this one to bring out the sparkling nature of this beauty!! REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Building up around the gemstone!!

Now, how about we move on to the New Listing of the Day!! The new Listing is called ‘Red Petrified Wood Beadwoven Wearable Art Necklace’. This stone is actually a piece of petrified wood-it has been around for so many years that it actually turned to stone!! Just Wow!! Right?!? The colors in it are very RICH and beautiful and the great thing about this piece is, that it can be worn either on the front or the back…you get 2 great looks with this beautiful stone!! A great piece to be worn for the fall or just about any time of the year…sure to get you tons of compliments 😉

Want to know how you can grab this beautiful necklace?…Just click on the image!!

Now, let me tell you about the Available Kits in my shop! I have 2 different kits that I offer… one is the Peyote Bracelet in a box kit that I usually offer from about the 23rd or so of the month until the 10th of the following month. Then I have the 5×7 Art in a bag kit that usually becomes available from the 27th of the month until the 23rd of the following month. At the moment, both kits are available…let me tell you a little bit about them and how you can get one 😉

The New 5×7 Art Kit of the Month of October is here!! This month’s kit features a wonderful and majestic Painted Elephant!! You will receive the printed Word Pattern, all Delica Beads needed to complete the pattern, and a Canvas, in which you can mount the finished Beadwoven Art work upon! This kit is Available now until 10/23/19 and will be mailed out on/by 10/30/19. The pattern is only available with this kit and bead colors in kit are subject to availability!

Do you want to make one too?!?…Just click on the image to grab one today!!

Next up is the Peyote Bracelet in a box kit!! The new pattern for November is called ‘November Rainbow Rain Peyote Bracelet in a box kit 2019’. It is a wonderful work of art that is super fun to make! In this kit, you will receive a Printed Word Pattern, All Delicas needed complete bracelet, and All findings as well as a Needle! This kit will be available from today until 11/10/19!! Kits will be mailed by/on 11/18/19!! This pattern is only available with this kit and all Delica colors are subject to availability!!

Do you want to make one too?!?…Just click on the image to grab one today!!

That’s all the news I have for you today!! Remember, if we all inspire each other… then imagine what could be!! I hope you all have a wonderful day…I’ll leave you all with this thought😃

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