The start of this came from these amazing Vintage Crystals.  My mother and Grandmother found these crystals at an antique shop over 35 years ago.  We have made an educated guess – mostly through research and memory – that they are over 60 years old.  When I took them out of their container the ‘thread’ that was used to bound them together was so old that it could easily be pulled apart.  Once I cut them into separate crystals and removed the ‘thread’ I was able to use them individually.  They do NOT have any holes or slots to put the thread through, therefore I had to find a creative way to attach them!  I used the prongs.  Each of the 4 prongs is sewn into the beadweaving, so they are VERY secure.

The Purple Agate slice was hand-picked for this design.  I was torn between a RED and this PURPLE – PURPLE won!!  I used several shades and sizes of purple beads for this project.  THere are 11o – 15o beads (this means there are between 11 – 15 beads per inch).  I used Peyote stitch to complete the frame(and the earrings). The center is made without the use of GLUE or BACKING.  Because of this technique the center is just FRAMED and the stone can be seen from both sides.  Herringbone was used for the strap.

This set took me over 40 hours to complete.

To watch the ‘making of’ video –

Necklace measures between 19.5 inches in length and can be lengthened if needed. ALL FINDINGS are Sterling Silver.

Earring measure at 1.75 inches in length and can be changed to posts or clip-on if requested for no additional charge.  ALL FINDINGS are Sterling Silver.

The story of my Grandmother’s STASH;

My Grandmother was a lover of everything jewelry and beads. She would buy an item – just because she liked it – and then put it away. Many times she shopped at antuque shops, flea markets and garage sales. She could tell what was high quality with just a look!

When she passed away right before Christmas 2012 my mother sent me 9 medium-sized USPS Priority boxes of beads, parts, creations, embellishments and many other items to use in my creations. Some of them are listed in my DESTASH studio ( ) for sale as parts and pieces. Other items – like this one – are used in my creations once they are cleaned, check and treated all the parts.

I hope that you enjoy my creation from my Grandmother’s stash and that it brings you as much joy as it has me – in the making of it! ~KM


This is a one of a kind Krafty Max Original creation, so add it to your cart now to avoid being disappointed ~ there will not be another one made like it.


This Krafty Max original will be packaged in an elegant gift box that is ready for gifting. A small note card is also included for your convenience so it will be easy to gift.

All of my items are shipped within a business day of receipt of payment. All items are shipped USPS unless otherwise arranged.

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!!!!! ENJOY !!!!

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  1. Eugenie

    This is gorgeous!

  2. Eugenie

    Still my favorite of all your lovely creations.

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you so much! ~KM

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