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Today I wanted to write about something a little bit different. About a year ago (right about this time) my husband returned from a year and a half tour of Iraq. On his way out of the country his unit (along with most others) stopped up in Freeport, ME. They were greeted, feed and entertained by some wonderful people (it was 2am when they arrived) for several hours before they were loaded onto the plane. One of the groups was the Freeport Ladies. I have followed them and received weekly emails since then. I thought I would share a photo and one of the weekly quotes to you…. -km

We head to the hill this morning to hold our flags in honor of our troops as we have every Tuesday morning since 9-11-2001. Elaine’s weekly message follows.

Today be brave

Tomorrow be unbeatable

In difficult days time makes great demands
You are needed now – fear not to take your stands
We must face the happenings of the world – there is no escape
Stop living in dreams its time to awake
The world needs justice and hearts filled with goodness
In our prayers of peace and our pursuits of happiness
We cannot be indifferent to the world in which we live
It is time for the many not just the few to give.

Elaine Greene ©

God Bless Our Troops
God Bless America

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