Strawberries, Krafty Max Ring, Purple Agate Slice with Tips, Soft Purple Set and #BeadALong!

How was YOUR weekend??  Ours was full of fun and family!!  We went to the STRAWBERRY Fest on Saturday and had soooo much fun!!  Here in FLORIDA the strawberries are ALMOST out of season (WE had a mild winter and early spring) but there was still enough to buy a flat and get some homemade Strawberry Shortcake!!  The festive was VERY busy…I wish I had signed up for it!  But, good food, GREAT family and lots of SUN…perfect family day!

One thing I did pick up is a RING….I know, I make jewelry, but I just couldn’t resist!! I was able to get it stamped (for free) and it is Stainless….so…..I just had to replace my thumb ring….JUST LOOK!! 🙂



And then on Sunday….more FAMILY time!!  Yep, GREAT weekend!!  I hope that yours was just as wonderful!

But, back to the beads this morning!!  Here is the TIPS and working photos from Friday’s posts…I hope that you find something in them!  It is a LONG process and for EACH center the count/beads and style is different, but the concept is the same (mostly)!! And you can watch the next few today on my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page.

Purple Agate Slice wrk 8

Purple Agate Slice wrk 9

Purple Agate Slice wrk 10

Purple Agate Slice wrk 11

Purple Agate Slice wrk 12

But if THAT wasn’t enough fun for you, just look at this set!!  I just love the way it turned out…it is SO SOFT look!! And the Crystals just ‘peak out’ of the sides of those great Silver Plated beads!! What do YOU think?

Soft Purple and Swarovski Crystal with Silver Plated Set 1

If you want, you can also follow along with us as we do the BeadALong!! This one is going to be short and sweet, but FUN!!!  It kicks off today about 10am…. come over and watch everyone post photos!!

beadalong teaser photo copy

But for today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment! ~Buddha

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