Talented Tuesday 2/24/15 (CandleART Boutique, Panda Hall and IPhone 6Plus Case)

Oh my, what a day yesterday was!! I have to tell you that one of the biggest parts of my day was when I opened the mail!!  I am not bragging, but I often help other ‘start up’ beaders with supplies, classes or just words of advice.  I also love to Pay it Forward to others – sometimes with jewelry and sometimes with supplies or other things!!  But I have never gotten anything like I did last night!!  I received a package with a ‘SURPRISE’ gift.  And it wasn’t just the gift that got me, it was also the note with it!! One of my fans sent me a kit that is just like the kit that started her off with beading!! WOW!!  Can I just say… WOW!!!!  Yes, I have been beading for almost 40 years and yes, this is a starter kit, but for me, it is an HONOR to even receive it.  And then….my daughter (who is an accomplished beader herself) saw it.  She said…mom, can I do it??  PLEASE?? What could I say, but YES!  It seemed like a perfect way to not only have the kid completely, but by my daughter….MEGA bonus!! So, for Ms. Rosanne, all I can say is THANK YOU!!
Just look at what I have for you today!!  I created this beautiful necklace with the wonderful things that Panda Hall sent me to create with. It really turned out wonderful!

I used a old cabochon that came from my Grandmother’s stash to put into this amazing frame from Panda Hall. Once it was glued in and sealed it was easy to match it up with the great glass – rainbow colored – beads that were also from Panda Hall. I wanted to add a ‘little extra’ to the look so I took some of my own Antiqued twisted rings and added them. A simple toggle finished off the necklace!! 

Here are the items I used for this necklace that came from Panda Hall:
And here is an update at where I am at with the portrait of Marco Antonio Solis….I did a few more rows last night!! Remember, you can come over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page  were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day!!
Anyone have a iPhone 6 PLUS?  Want a new case?  It is simple to enter….remember, there are daily entries too!
Today’s featured artist is a WONDERFUL LADY from CandleART Boutique.  I first met this talented lady through one of my networking sites.  And I have to say that I immediately became a fan!!  Her beautiful – HAND-PAINTED – creations caught my eye, not only for their beautiful look, but the attention to detail!  
And then I was able to trade one of my bracelets for some of her candles.  My best friend is getting married in just about a month and I wanted to present her with a special gift…well, this is so much more than I could have ever imagined!!  The large candle was made with the names and dates of the wedding, while the smaller one has a list of all their kids on it!!  And then, there are the round and small candles that are to add in around them!!  The flowers, colors and even the crystals in the center of each flower are just so beautiful!! 
 (I left the plastic wrapping on until we get to the wedding)
So, for today, please just visit her sites, let her know where you heard about her, and tomorrow come back and I’ll talk about how she started and what inspires her!!
Did you know you can meet me in person??  Do you live in the North Florida area?   Come visit me and have some GREAT SEAFOOD!! 
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.  ~Les Brown
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  1. Roe Clark

    Thank you so much for the kind words – glad to have made your day 🙂 and your daughters 🙂