Talented Tuesday 5/6/14 (Sun Flower Bracelet, Teacher’s Crayons and Hazel Cove)

I am very excited about today!! I will be showing off another TALENTED artist’s creations!!  I get to bead….more and also I am planing my next on-line party!!! So, as you can see, I am busy – just like normal!! Life seems to keep me going this way – everyday!
Today’s creations aren’t new, but they are beautiful and full of spring!! Click on each one to see more photos of them!! 
Many of you have been watching this bracelet come to life, I just hope you stay through the end!!  I have been ‘toying’ with the idea of doing something ‘different’ to this bracelet…and I think I am going to!  So please, come over on my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
Today I feel very luck to feature Ms. Danielle Tauscher from Hazel Cove.  There are so many wonderful creations in this artist’s studio it is hard to even focus on just one or two!!  The Custom Bottle Cap and Bezel pendants are wonderful!  They range from key chains to badge holders and from necklaces to hair bows!!  And boy, are their Window Locket necklaces great too!!  I have to say that no matter what the occasion; birthday, anniversary, wedding or just a great day, you’ll find something to personalized that will set that ‘day in stone’!! 🙂  
When a baby is born you can get scratch off cards, birth announcements, candy wrappers or even a bottle cap bracelet for the new Grandmas!  Talk about a great idea!!  Here is what she says; ‘We love bringing our customers ideas to life and creating items that they are proud to carry with them everyday.’
Here are just a few – to start us off – of the great creations you’ll find.  Come back tomorrow and find out what sets Hazel Cove above the others!!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

To help your children turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money!
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2 Responses

  1. JoJo

    I love that teacher bracelet! Well I love all the stuff you do actually.

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you so much!! ~KM