Tantrum Thursday

OK, I am on a TANTRUM today.  
Do any of you know what this is?

 It is a turn signal.  
It is a NEW invention that has yet to be released on cars – maybe in the future!  Yes, that is me being VERY sarcastic!  I drove – only a little bit – yesterday and was amazed at how many people have not discovered this wonderful SAFETY feature of their cars yet!  

What started this TANTRUM?  When I was out yesterday I followed MANY cars – the first one was an undercover police car.  First, before I go any farther, about 1/2 of my mother’s family is in the police department in one form or another, and I am not sure where they all fit into this RANT!  I was so shocked by what I saw.  Not ONLY was this undercover officer working on his computer while he was driving, but he didn’t even bother with his turn signal – after several turns!  
Then I was lucky enough to get behind a wonderful white car with a bumper sticker that said “HONK if you love Dash-hounds” and not only did he not know about the all elusive turn signal, but was also unable to remove his foot from the brake peddle.  For over 2 miles his brake lights were on.  
THEN, if for no other reason than to give me something to talk about today, I was blessed with the next driver.  NO TURN SIGNALS OR BRAKE LIGHTS!!  This wonderful car had NO rear lights at all!!!  It was wonderful!  

When I learned to drive from my Dad, I was told that TURN SIGNALS weren’t even an option, they were required for me to use.  I learned hand signals (and I don’t mean ‘the finger’) and was able to signal others of my intentions.  I don’t even know if they teach hand signals anymore in drivers education.  When I went to school, my Dad was my driver education class, there wasn’t one in my school or even in my town for that matter!

So, for all of you that are going about your day, watch for that crazy lady that uses her turn signals – even in the parking lots – and you’ll see me.  And watch out, I may even use hand signals – again, NOT THAT signal!!  

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 
to you all. 
May all your blessing be IRISH 
and your beer be GREEN!!! 
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6 Responses

  1. Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

    I’m with you on the turn signals! I use them even when no one is around and sometimes think ‘why am I doing this when I’m the only one here’ but I do it anyway!

    What really gets to me are people who don’t turn right on red, but zoomed over there to be first in line. Grrrrrrr.

    Fun post to start my day!! 🙂

  2. Three Fates

    I think this every time I drive. I tell myself that those people must have turn signals that are in hidden spots or hard to reach. I mean, you would think that most car manufacturers would put them in convenient places, like right by the steering wheel, but I guess not.

    And the whole driving while on the breaks, don’t people realize that driving with two feet is dangerous (unless you have a manual like me).

    And this is why I’m happy we live where there is a good metro system, I don’t have to drive all that often. 😉

  3. Robin

    That drives me crazy too! It’s like people learn how to signal to pass the driver’s test, (which is not easy or was not for me at least) then forget how to use it as soon as they get the official piece of plastic.

  4. Krafty Max Originals

    Thank you Sarah, it is so nice to know that I am NOT the only one!

    Three Fates, I had never even owned a AUTOmatic until about 5 years ago! It has always been – A STICK – for me!

    Ms. Robin, I think people forget a lot of things when they get that plastic, but that might be a TANTRUM for another day!

    Thank you all for reading and commenting! ~KM

  5. Violetstone

    I don’t drive but as a pedestrian I am all too aware of drivers not using their turn signals. When waiting to cross a road, with no signals for pedestrians and trying to guess whether you can cross or whether the next car will suddenly turn left and run you over..I for one am very glad that you do use yours.

  6. Krafty Max Originals

    Ms. Violetstone, I can totally understand your dilemma. I am VERY conscious of people on bikes, walkers or the wonderful mom’s with strollers. Often time I am the only one paying attention, the person on foot doesn’t even notice they are starting to walk across a road! ~KM