Tantrum Thursday

Today is a wonderful day, so what could I possible have to throw a tantrum about?  Most people would think about computers, since I just had a fight with mine for over a week or so.  Well, I think I have complained enough about that.  For today, I actually would like to talk about customer service.  Actually, the customer service of my fellow crafter’s and artisans.  
When I was doing Craft/Art show around my area I just LOVED the to watch the people that came in.  YES, even thepeople that DIDN’T buy anything too.  I would get to talk to them, see what they were looking at, and even explain more about my creations.  However, on-line I really don’t get that chance.  I have to – for the most part – snag a customer via my words and photos.  This, of course, is the same when I buy something from them.  I often buy from people who are refereed to me by other artists, but I also search out my own people to feature and find NEW artists almost every day.  

For the most part when I do order something I get an email or note saying thank you with in a couple of hours.  A note when my item was shipped and sometimes even a follow up note.  THIS is the kind of communication I LIKE to have with the people I just purchased something from.  But then, there are those who don’t communicate AT ALL!  I have actually gone from purchase to receipt of an item without even ONE personal contact with the artist.  
I HOPE that I don’t OVER communicate.  I talk to my customers, I mean, REALLY talk to them.  I like to know where they heard about me, what they liked about that item, and even once they have received it, if it was everything they thought it would be.  
For all those who are crafters/artistsn, like me, remember, the only contact  you have with your customers is the contact YOU want!!  For my customers…… THANK YOU, I love you all!!
Well, between my reaching my goal of 4,000 fans on my Fan Page and the 11 orders I received yesterday, I was NOT able to work on my beads 🙁 .  So there will not be a new listing today, however, I will have some to list soon…. I am trying….. the beads are just soooooo little and my paperwork is just soooooo big?!?!  :~)
Here is one of the items I haven’t showed off in a while… just to ‘show off’!!
Today I want to feature a local artist.  This wonderful ‘sister’ act has some of the most creative ribbon and jewelry creations I have seem.  Just look at this little ‘gal’!  Hermanas Bowtique run by Maxine and Berdie.  We met a while back at a local show and have done business with each other ever since.  Not only do they make WONDERFUL creations, they also support myself and other artists in their work!  Please go visit them and enjoy their creations!
Only one hop today, I still have some to catch up on.  
For today I would like to close with this thought – treat people the way you would like to be treated and your life will be wonderful!  ~KM
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  2. Pamela Bates of Mercantile Muse

    M, been a facebook friend for awhile. Didn’t realize you had a blog. Glad to have found it. I do too- http://batesmercantileco.blogspot.com and am hosting a link party. Hope you stop by to link up and take advantage of the free promotion to new people.

    All that said, I completely agree. I am like you. Perhaps I over communicate. But I recently had a transaction with another etsy shop owner who didn’t communicate that what I had ordered was back ordered. It really bugged me that I had to reach out and ask…….is it shipped yet? She could have done much better by me had she simply communicated.

  3. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself Max! Customer service is always first and foremost on my mind aside from quality creations-If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be selling anything at all and some people forget that.

    Wow woman–11 orders in one day!? What’s your secret??? That’s awesome 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great Friday!